We go through times... without time -for example-; with spaces without spaces -for example-; with precipitation without rhythm -for example-.

And with this, the Prayer Call places us in the need of -let's say- "revision"... of everything that has been accumulated, throughout history, as immovable, as sure, as certain, as true, as authentic, and that has conditioned our responses, our beliefs, our being, our decisions, our promises.

The imposing, dominant, demanding and enslaving transmission of the strongest, the most powerful, the most influential, has been conditioning any search, any discovery, any imagination.

It could be said –without fear of being too wrong- that, as a species, we have enslaved ourselves. And throughout time without time, and space without space, we have rushed into decisions, positions, radicalisms, to rushed conclusions. That, like a “precipitate” –that is, that substance that does not dissolve- precipitates into the bottom of the glass... and creates a static state, an imposition. The suspended is subject to the influence of the precipitate.

And so, we move between the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the high, the low: that duality, undoubtedly, a sign of slavery, which imposes what should be and, even more, what is, with the only guarantee of the one who said it... or imposed by this one or imposed by those others ... Or Aristotle or Plato or Kant already said it or... any influential and powerful desire that generated an idea and one more element of dominance.

And so it is that, from the earliest childhood, parents, school, friendships, games, jobs, bosses, religious leaders... -see religions-, political and economic guides -see governments, states- and their corresponding limits, create a whole philosophy?... of being, of doing.

And so, the movements of human are restricted according to the needs of power.

And look at an example.

In this part of the planet where we are, due to the characteristics of the population, according to the most conservative opinions, such as the Bank of Spain... the Bank of the country, assures that we need approximately one million emigrants a year, for several years, to be able to alleviate what we see coming from the lack of resources to generate products and means to guarantee -among other things, for example- pensions and... health system, etc. Let's say “pensions”, “health system” and “education” –just to put it like that-.

Full stop. It is obvious that the European Community establishes a strategy –in which our country participates- in which emigration is totally restricted. Hundreds of millions are invested! –hundreds of millions, in intermediary countries with serious governance problems-... millions are invested in police, in borders, so that they do not come to disturb our stability.

Full stop. But how curious! Last year 85 million tourists visited us. In a year. So, if they come for a little while and... “emigrants”, but they come for a little while to consume...

85 million! This year we will probably reach 100 million; and we are the first country, or almost the first country, with the most tourism in the world. "In the world".

While –at the same time- the barges are shipwrecked. They die. Residences are established –which were previously “reception centres”, now they are prisons-, people are deported... and a long etcetera that we all “know” –in quotes- from the news.

And it is established as “normal”, that flow of humanity… racist.

And as an example of millions, it is good for us.

But proportionally, those millions also occur in lifestyle, in beliefs, in attitudes, in relationships of any kind: personal, intimate, family, etc.

Establishing a slave-like way of life, in a species that resides in a place in the Universe in which the different bio diversities know their place, their doing, their duty... motivates us, from the Prayer Call, to this review of our positions, beliefs, faith, fidelities...

Since Life Species is a "singularity" -within our profound ignorance of the immediate universe-, it does not pose as a slave system, racist and systematically punishing, imposing...of any detail; sometimes abruptly, other times sibylline. But “the acid of criticism”, of the power that everyone believes they hold, becomes an implacable whip.

And since the meaning of living is not dying, it is not sacrificing, it is not hurting, but it is being, contemplating, doing in the sense of capabilities, discovering, learning, sharing, playing...

It is easy to spot it in any species.

However. The style developed by humanity is an overwhelming, dominating, controlling style; not only of the environment, but of itself, of the species itself. Thus, it becomes doubly slaver: a slaver towards the environment and a slaver towards itself.

The singularity of life, the biodiversity of life, the liberation of living, becomes, thus –let's say invoking goodness- very difficult.

And so, perhaps "exaggeratedly", one could say that humanity has become waste -thus, said quickly, so that it can be heard or forgotten quickly-; in precipitates.

It stops being “fluid”, it ceases being drinkable, it ceases being potable, to become a toxic species for itself and for the entire environment.

And what is especially significant, from the Prayer Call, is that this is not a perspective or vision of “those” –who are bad-, of “those others” –who are...-. No! But it is something applicable to each individual.

The revision –that is, viewing oneself, viewing oneself again- is up to each being. It is not up to this dominator or that one. No, no, no.

Each being is already marked with its slave key number, in one way or another.

And this, that and the other fate awaits it.

It's funny: the “free” world criticizes Hindu castes. Funny, isn't it? Are there no castes in the “free” world?

Corruption, prostitution, war, ignorance, hunger... and a long etcetera. But of course, it is a free world. That's where the philosophies of creating microsystems begin, regardless of the evidence of the Universe.

“Creating truths”…

It is possible to create a truth?

It could be said that it is evident that, to carry out a 're-vision', to re-vision life again, it is necessary to have other elements that are not the ones evident so far, since, if we use the same methods, the result will be similar; or, rather, worse.

With some frequency  –some time ago now-  we used to say that it was... –from a prayerful perspective- we said that everything was yet to be done.

And with the passage of that impostor that is time, it is seen that it is becoming more and more evident.

And “everything to be done” now implies that ‘re-vision’ of “my” position, of “my” action, of “my” disposition, of “my” belief.

A revision... “under” –in quotes, under- the prayerful inspiration, under the universal sense. “Universal” being understood as that position that contemplates the Species Life –as we have been announcing- which brings together all living matter.

This perspective that Prayer gives us, from this point of view, could seem, based on the imposed truths, dominating... -based on it-, it could seem like a position, if it is given a certain belief -certain, nothing more-, a terrible position!, with little possibility of really revising oneself.

But, under the prayerful perspective, it is totally different. Being able to realize, having reached a point where, from the inspiration of prayer, I am shown what position I occupy as a species and as an individual, is a liberating revelation. It's not bad news.

It is a discovery that, in that revision -be careful: not to confuse it with political revisionism, but rather it is to enter into another vision of what we have, as prayer is leading us now-, we will be in conditions of joy, of exhilaration, to realise that they have made us “fall into”, because we have placed the pieces of “our truths” in other positions, and they have melted, they have precipitated.

And maybe -maybe- the great myths: Pasteur, Darwin, Freud, Marx... maybe, in their systems of power, it is not that they were wrong, but that they were enslavers: they excluded... they subjected... some evidence, some truths.

If they told... -to see a very simple example- if they told Pasteur, with his theories -which continue to dominate, of course-, but if they told for a moment that today they are making stool transplants to improve the micro biota, and thus improve the immune system and cognitive ability, he would probably get lightheaded or dizzy or something like that.

And this does not mean that we have advanced, no, but the conceptualization of the microbe, of the infection, of...

Every day a significant number of people die in hospitals from bacterial infections. But be careful: not due to super-bacteria. No, no, no. By ordinary and normal bacteria. More deaths than those who perish in traffic accidents.

They are numbers and statistics, yes, yes. But as some revisionist say: “The less you go to the hospital, the better”. But at the same time, it has become necessary.

The wise men, the experts come together –because now, the word “wise men”, no, no, no, but they are experts, and above all neuroscientists; they are all now neuroscientists and experts-, they come together to demonstrate the obvious -for example in the case of hospitals-, and they continue to 'invest' in new and powerful antibiotics for super-bacteria. But!... most of those people who die, do so due to simple bacteria, because they are already highly medicated, because their immune system is weakened, because the attention, the service, the protocols of care are altered due to lack of personnel, lack of staff preparation, due to deliberate carelessness... and, well, put a long etcetera.

So, in that case –as stated in another case- the “luck” factor is very important. It has been many years since a study began –we do not know how it is going or if it continues- regarding luck and health. It began in Oxford, in England. Many years ago. We have no news about it.

But it is difficult to resist the fact that “there is no such thing as luck”: that set of small details that make possible –continuing with the example- that the doctor on duty to be very attentive, for the staff on that shift to be highly trained, that they carry out the necessary surveys, establish a correct diagnosis...

You have to be lucky. Because the most likely thing is that... "maybe the anaesthetist", "maybe the material used", "maybe the drug wasn't there" or "that technician was overworked, and they couldn't do what that…” and that long etcetera.

Should we believe in luck?

And how is luck organized?

Napoleon Bonaparte said that we had to look for it. He didn't find it.

Perhaps luck lies in that 're-vision' in which we position ourselves from other perspectives, and evaluate our attitudes-decisions... with those dawns that give rise to our lives, with that Love with which Creation distinguishes us to being able to continue talking, breathing, eating, applauding...; criticizing, revising, insulting, and all that long walking that puts us in an abandoned position, with lameness, with tiredness.

 With that attitude of despair that, deep down, is a result of arrogance. Because if things were done the way you wanted, this or that or the other wouldn't happen, would it?

If we had to point out all this in a short, concise sentence that impacts us, we could say –and it has already been commented on other occasions- that, “the world –just look at the concept: “the world”-, the world –in any case , to understand quickly- it is not made to our measure”. And no matter how much we want to, we will never do it at our request.

And that is slavery.

And what is worse: a slavery that does not propose solutions, because the being continues to insist on making a world tailored to it. We are still. And this is how the Prayer Call is shown, to anticipate starting at some point to dismantle all this precipitate. And make ourselves soluble, potable, servants of needs and acceptors of them, fleeing from “the truths”; those that do not allow air to pass through; those that do not allow the dawn; those that close on their nails.

Stopping in egomania, and saying yes to liberating visions, can lead us to that peace in which we do not precipitate, in which we do not become waste and permanent slaves, both the enslavers and the slaves themselves.

“Becoming in the sense of the New Goodness”, under the Mercy that Providence gives us permanently..., makes us open to other visions: those that correspond to us, as inhabitants of the Universe.



The prayer we practice does not belong to any religion. We believe prayer can be a liberating and healing instrument. It is referenced in Creation and, without naming them, in the different Forces that animate us. Our belief that prayer is an essential element, led us to create a space dedicated exclusively to prayer: “The House of the Sound of Light” located in a farmhouse in the Basque Country, in the province of Vizcaya. There, prayer encounters and retreats are held.


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