Regarding the history of life


From the history of life, each being gradually discovers how that event, that encounter, that work, that adventure... do not seem to be so casual. 

It is also easy to realize -perhaps more... not for the ingenious reason, but for the demanding reason- that "as that happened, now this happens, and now this; and that is why I am like this or like that...". 

Perfect justification for imposing one's own personality. "Impose". 

That's the reasonable criterion.

And certainly, under one point of view, it is not without reason to say that "because that happened, the answer was this, and now the situation we are experiencing is this”. True.

But today, the Prayerful Sense demands that we make a reading of our life history, based not only on the rationality that each one of us psychoanalytically already knows from the general culture that has been imposed on us; because we also know that this is not the case, neither totally nor partially. It is simply a reasonable perspective. And it is not like that, neither in whole nor in part, because if it were, it would be enough to reason differently and change the result.

"If this happens to me because of what happened, then I reasonably withdraw my response from that, and now I set up another one; or I reason differently and impose another one that eliminates this one -cut and paste, cut and paste, cut and paste- and I make myself, indeed, a new profile, call it Facebook, call it Instagram, call it Twitter... who cares!”.

Ah!... That is the world of reasonable reason: cut and paste, cut and paste; which not only stays in that analytical finalism, but also applies to our genome and is the latest of the latest.

Like this we can make... well, beings à la carte.

Now, when we enter another level of perspective that is not reasonable, but felt, intuited, perceived, as is the Praying Call, as is entering other worlds -where the shaman has wings and the nourishment is the song, for example- entering other perspectives -let's not call them dimensions, at least not yet-… but enter knowing that they are there. And you don't have to be what is usually called a "believer", no. The evidence of imagination, of fantasy, of creativity, places us in other areas, doesn't it?

If we also discover ourselves in an incredibly infinite Universe, at least for us, then we have no choice but to assume other perspectives. 

And the Prayer, at least in the way we live it, allows the atheist, the agnostic, the believer, the Christian, the Muslim, all those who have a surname, to join those who have a name and, with regard to the history of life, to be able to realize the "coincidences" of this so-called "chaotic" Universe. 

Well, the human being has no more resources and has to call it "chaos". Then he adds "perfect". Well... actually, at that level we don't know what we're saying, but things are said.

Ah, but already in our small intimacy, yes, in our microcosm, when we review our path with the cultures and the imposed teachings, besides that reasonable facet that we have said, we discover that circumstances, words, mornings or afternoons, or some nights, or some talk appear… -they appear- that have no justification. I think that this is undeniable. They have no rational justification, but they appear throughout our life history.

And not only the small details, as we have just said, but also -if we broaden our horizon a little more- we see that reason explains cause and effect, but it does not explain why this or that moment appears. Why do I meet a teacher who enlightens me and who attends to me, or why do I meet one who destroys me and takes me away from any knowledge; why that righteous father, or that ignorant mother who punishes me and persecutes me!... Terrible!

What's the reason for that? Why does that show up? The reason explains: "Ah! And that's why you're like this and this happens to you." But why does that appear, in this one in such way, and in the other in that other way...?

And the being, usually, because of his culture and his training -all of it imposed- takes it as: "Well, that's what I've got". As "natural". 

Natural? "Natural"? What's that?

There's no such thing as natural. That phrase, "the natural", is a phrase of ignorance, vanity and pride: "What’s natural in these cases..." "Because the natural is..." What natural? It's like wanting to appropriate of life itself.

Yes. And it's used generically for... So much so it is used generically that eventually, we're all slaves, idiots and fools. As is "generically", "generically"... But, of course, it goes without saying that there are also intelligent, capable, sufficient... 

Ah! "It goes without saying." So Watch out for "generically". We have to be precise. 

So the "natural" must be made supernatural. What do you think? At least for a moment, now that we're in prayer. This way we don't become totally detached from the natural farce.

.- What is natural in these cases! They push you, and you cut off their head!

.- Ah! It's true, look. I don't like it, I like cutting off their hands.

.- Ah! Hey!... That's in the Philippines, isn't it?

.- Yes. What do you think? 

.- Phew! Man! A little tougher, but it's okay... Natural.

When we enter into "the supernatural" everything that happens, from the small details that we have said at the beginning, to the great events of prohibitions, of punishments, of permissiveness, of personal history, has not been natural, it has not been by chance.

Chance, taken to the Praying Sense, becomes causality -of unknown force, of course-.

"And this happens and has to happen so that... that or the other happens in this or that way”. Divine plans: "Man proposes, and God -so to speak, in order to follow the saying- disposes”.

And yes, the Prayerful Sense of today demands... that we take advantage of this moment to make a vision, "from a bird's eye view" -that is said-, of those moments, almost always unforgettable, that marked, that mark our present position.

And of course! –take a good look- if we don't give it that supernatural meaning -let's allow the word still, or mysterious, or mystical- and give it the natural, logical and rational meaning, we will continue to make and commit the same mistakes, terrors and horrors -as history shows us, right?-.

So when we get into that other world, probably... probably our orientation and our perception of life, of performance, of "why this now," "why that then," "what was the point of that encounter?” -because that marked an attitude-...

That is, to ask oneself a little bit: "Where are they taking me?" That "who" is a Creative Mystery, and we have to assume it with the greatness of the Love it gives us. So, we don't need to know its nature or where it lives, what it does and what it dedicates to. No!...

It leaves us the seed of Love, as a reference. 

And it is precisely through that, that we have to see how Creation loves us: in a different way from the way we sometimes rationally and logically love; which is basically "wanting". It is not "loving", in most of the majority of the majority of the time. And we confuse it, of course.

When we gather this detail, and this other, and that event, and this other, we begin to realize -under the influence of prayer- that they are not coincidences; that they lead us to a place. And we can surely find where: "to where" they lead us. Not "where", but to where. There is no "where" in the Universe. There is a where to.

The "where" implies a concrete, stable, quiet place. There is no such place. And that's where most beings run out. And this one goes home "because there is no place like home"..., and the other one returns to its usual dynamic because, of course, it has already travelled enough... 

It doesn't go "towards", but it goes "where" and stays "where". And from "where" it repeats and repeats the same deteriorated ideas, which make humanity, today, in the 21st century, look scratched, scared… unpresentable as humanity.

Because the reason said, "and I'm going to"... 

No. I'm going "towards"... 

.- I'm going towards the south. I don't know any more. 

.- But where in the South? Because the south is so long!... It's very long. You keep going south, south, south... and you find the Southern Cross. 

.- Phew! And you go on... 

.- If you keep going, there are more stars there.

.- Wow!


And as we tie up small ends or large ends, we see that they "lead us towards". And they "lead us towards" through events that are not casual. It is not that Pepito likes that, and that's why he does that and is selfish and vain... Bah! Neither Pepito nor Juan nor Antoñita nor María have the resources to do what they want, what they wish, what they say they want. They're taken. And you can even reasonably prove that they've been educated and cultured to be like that!

So, if we take away a little bit of personal importance -a little bit- and say: They rather "lead us to", "towards", more than "I'm going to, towards" there. I'm being led. And sometimes they take me slapping me. Other times they take me quietly, in a happy childhood and in disastrous puberty. Other times they take me... Bah! Let's not quote unpleasant things. But they take us! We couldn't do anything!

And as a consequence of that not being able to do anything, we do "something", which goes against, which goes in favour of, which... 

Seen in this light, the prayer becomes -from the natural to the supernatural- the only way –only?; yes, with everything that the prayer brings- in which we can feel liberated. Yes, because if not... either we feel punished by the supernatural, or rewarded -we don't know why-, or we feel really managed, manipulated, encrusted, destroyed by the culture and education we have been given. And that sometimes we have done well, and other times -most of them- “regularly”. Let us leave it at "regular". Although there are always people who have done very well. Great! But we only need to take a look at the 7,780 million inhabitants, really quickly, with those numerologists and number crunchers who give us this and that, to see that it is... a unpresentable community.

Until 7pm of yesterday, we had 18 million suicides. In these few months. For example.

Consequently, if we really -"really"- feel -"feel"- the need to change our positions, since they are basically governed by reasonableness, nature, culture, education and chance; if we have... let us not say that we are tired, but if we have realized that all this is a life of slavery, and that luck also influences: if you are lucky, maybe...

But what if you don't?

Of course, we can also ask ourselves: Are we really slaves? 

No. I'm an inhabitant of the Universe. And everything in the Universe is not a slave. It's inter-depending and it's a mystery. So I am not going to fall into the trap of my own vanity, and historical, existential and psychoanalytical analysis of considering myself a stupid, imbecile and idiotic slave.

I breathe conditions that have been created -created, created, created!-. 

I live in an incredible environment that has been created -created, created, created, created. 

I am nobody's slave. But yes, if I say that I am nobody's slave it is because I know that I am heir to Creation. I am a creator equivalent. And as Creation, which is what I see, I don't see it as a slave; I see it as creative, I see it as mysterious, I see it moving!, I see it rushing, I don't know where or why.

And I see that it's Sunday again, and, like "Groundhog Day"... 

.- It's Sunday again! 

.- But, it was Sunday recently!... 

.- Well, it's Sunday again! 

.- And will it be the same as last Sunday? 

.- No!

But it is easy for us to fall into the idea that "it's Sunday again". Like governments do: "And on Tuesday we'll say..." And next Tuesday, Groundhog Day, it's going to be pretty much the same thing. 

If we watch carefully, it's not going to be the same. There's an orientation -yes, of course- but it's not the same.

And so, under the supernatural, the mystical, under that perspective, I am not a slave to anything or anyone. And everything that has happened has been because that Mystery has wanted it, and has designed me so that I can discover it. And to the extent that I discover it, I free myself. And I discover it by praying, by meditating, by contemplating... by truly Loving.

And when I discover it I stop being a slave. And not because of this do I destroy, nor do I turn, nor attack, nor claim! No. I amplify my visions, my feelings. And I observe how they lead me to infinity, with certain vertigo... 

Give yourselves the chance to liberate. It's free. It's just about letting go of personal egotism, of personal importance and... and seeing instead of looking.

And little by little, or suddenly, events will speak to us so clearly, and tell us precisely towards where they are leading us.

And with that leading, our creativity, our imagination, our fantasy, our training, our knowledge, will increase exponentially.




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